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A team of independents seeking to change fashion from the outside in. Experiencing the adventures that we’ve dreamed of, we believe that we can generate a . Examining our own lives, we realized that who we are and what we like is constantly changing and we are the combination of various characteristics and interests at different times in life. Boxes, labels and styles aren’t for us, and to be honest we don’t believe they’re for any one. Many things grab our attention, sometimes we wake up wanting to try something completely new to us and our usual activities, only to find out that it complements our personality, making us that bit more integral, capable and creative.

Yes, we have our main passions and goals, but we have fiery curiosity and we are passionate about expanding our horizons every chance we get. As women on our own journeys, we’ve learned that in this life, each moment presents us with an opportunity to follow our intuition wisely and explore our surroundings. We have seen the magic of diving into the “new” because we’ve dared to do things that even we didn’t believe we could or “should”. We struggle with our fears but always manage to push through them because we ultimately can’t be bothered with social norms and paradigms. We are tired of seeing and hearing what we “should” look like, or taking quizzes to find out what kind of woman we are or which celebrity we identify with. Seriously? We are women under constant construction, not a finished product.

This team, this brand, wants to push a fresh platform for women where they can feel comfortable reinventing themselves all the time. Unlike other “lifestyle” brands, we don’t want to create a life for you, we’d rather each create her own by challenging society’s boundaries, being herself and being innovative. We should feel free to do what we want when we want instead of doing what is expected.

Dare to explore, get creative, lead your life, renovate, give yourself a 2nd name; we see artists do it all the time.


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